In July of 2011, a major earth movement produced about 12 inches of pavement settlement along an approximate 25-foot long section of Kuhio Highway- the only roadway to the northern Kauai communities of Wainiha and Haena. The settlement resulted in multiple pavement cracks up to 5 inches wide primarily within the seaside (Makai) travel lane. The earth movement limits eventually extended longitudinally about 120 feet in length and transversely encroached into the landside (Mauka) travel lane. To mitigate this imminent danger of collapse, the governor issued an emergency proclamation for slope repairs. KSF, Inc. was then contacted to expeditiously mobilize a team of engineers to assess the damage, analyze different options to address the issues, and produce constructible plans. 

Considering the design criteria and the construction challenges, the design team worked closely with the Kauai north shore communities to provide a solution that addressed public safety concerns and allowed for the preservation of the existing natural lush vegetation environment.   In order to address the needs of the public, one lane for access was maintained throughout the construction phase.  The permanent mitigation solution for the emergency slope repair included upslope hillside excavation supported by a soil nail anchored wire mesh system, removal of the downslope landslide mass, and the installation of a soil nail retaining wall.